Services & Expertise

R. Neuner Consulting (RNC) offers the following services and expertise to clients from the non-profit, corporate, and government sectors:

RNC has deep experience building cross-sector collaborations that unite diverse players to achieve lasting change. We work with clients across a range of issues to map strategy, build capacity, engage membership, and achieve results. We’re keenly interested in how the emerging concept of collective impact can inform coalition-building work.

Rory Neuner, Principal of RNC, is a skilled and effective facilitator that can help your board or organization build consensus, make crucial decisions, run an effective meeting, and maximize participation and learning. Good facilitation is critical to getting things done. An outside facilitator can make your meetings more efficient and productive. Facilitation often lets you focus on what’s important: participating, not managing details.

Rory is a member of the Greater Lansing Facilitator’s Guild and regularly facilitates with the MIFFS Facilitation Team. She has worked with organizations to facilitate strategic plans, board and/or staff retreats, stakeholder meetings, focus groups, collaborative change initiatives, and work groups.

Facilitation services include before, during, and after work, such as agenda development, interviewing key stakeholders, handling event logistics, leading a meeting, keeping time, engaging participants, transcribing notes, and sharing notes and final observations.

Policy Analysis and Action
RNC has significant training in mapping how public policy decisions can shape outcomes, both intended and unintended. We can work with your organization to provide independent policy research and a thorough understanding of policy implications, as well as a plan for strategic action on your policy initiative.

Areas of Expertise
– Public Health
– Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture
– Active and Public Transportation
– Placemaking and Urban Revitalization

Contact Rory to inquire about her consulting services and expertise: 517-515-3535.